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I had to go in for a series of blood tests the other day.  Routine stuff, to check my cholesterol and for anemia and a few other things, but it  required fasting for 8 hours beforehand.  Also included was a glucose test, for diabetes.  Diabetes is what I consider the boogeyman hiding in my genetic history: my paternal grandfather had Type 2 Diabetes, and my father has it as well.  It’s a disease that scares me almost more than the family history of cancer.  Irrational, I know, but has everything to do with my equally irrational fear of needles.

The glucose test ensured that my time in the lab would be nearly 3 hours.  The initial blood draw itself seemed to take a really long time.  I don’t have the easiest veins for the techs to find, to begin with, and it seemed like a ridiculously large amount of blood was needed.  Four test tubes worth.  It took so long that the lab tech was able to discuss, in detail, unique aspects of the Georgia school system that I had never known, nor cared to know.  Talk about a captive audience!

Once the initial work was over, I had to consume that disgusting sugar drink to begin the glucose testing.  I’m not sure what flavor I was given, it tasted like pure sugar to me.  That was too much, even for my massive sweet tooth, to find very palatable.  Just glad that I didn’t get sick, as some people do.  While I waited out the 2 hours that needed to pass before I was to have more blood drawn, to check my body’s reaction to all of the sugar, the skies opened up in a heavy, constant downpour.  When I left the lab, I learned something interesting: Apparently, my phone’s navigation app doesn’t work in the rain.  It kept trying to say my location was in Malaysia, instead of Georgia, USA, and that therefore it couldn’t create a driving route to my destination. 😯

By the time I was finally able to go home, I was running on automatic pilot, with only a brief stop for fast food that didn’t quite seem to fill me up as much as it normally did.  I took care of my dog, refilled his water bowl, and headed back to bed.

Later that evening, when it was time for him to eat, I couldn’t find his food bowl.  Anywhere.  I noticed that his water dish was on the wrong side of the stand, but didn’t remember putting it there.

My husband and I searched the entire house, looking for his bowl.  Even ridiculous places, like the bathroom, and the refrigerator.  Still nothing.  We had a spare disposable aluminum tray, so that became the substitute food dish.  I wish I’d taken a photo of my dog’s face when I set it down in front of him.   The  improvised meal confused him.

The next day, it was time to refill his water again.  When I picked up his water dish, I noticed it seemed unusually heavy.  The food dish was nested beneath it.  It had been there all the time.  😳

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I was a full-time college student, making my way through classes on less than 3 hours of sleep and a handful of candy bars.  Not just surviving the day, but thriving.  I would often write my best papers during those times, especially for my philosophy class.

Now, I can’t function on little sleep and less food.  Or was it little food and less sleep?

I can’t be the only one who’s done crazy things while food or sleep-deprived.  Go ahead, tell me your best! Or would it be your worst?



Wet and crazy day in Alabama right now.  Rain’s pouring down and thunder is crashing so frequently it feels like I’m living underneath a busy bowling alley.  My dog is seriously freaked out right now! He’s panting and whining and running through the house, looking for a ‘safe’ spot.