As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m heading into the busy season for my day job. Because I’m self-employed, my hours can be absolutely crazy, and I think I’ve been wearing myself too thin. Part of me wants to keep pushing, to keep working, but when I’m consuming so much caffeine that my hands begin shaking, it sort of defeats the purpose. My work requires very fine motor control on some of the more detailed pieces, so I’m not producing anything useable, by pushing on.

I’m burnt out.

So I’m going to take the day off today.  I need time for me.  I might go on a motorcycle ride — I haven’t ridden in far too long. I’m going to write. I have 2 partially finished short stories I wanted to submit to anthology calls, and the deadlines are fast approaching.  I’m going to do a read through of a couple of my novel manuscripts. Maybe do a little editing.  Definitely going to try to do a little catch up on my blog reading and commenting.

I’m feeling better already 🙂