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Spam Email from the Future!

Last month, during a routine e-mail check, I saw I had a message from a “Captain James T. Kirk.” Now, being a bit of a geek, I immediately thought of Star Trek, which is  the main reason I didn’t delete it immediately, to share with my husband.  We had a good laugh over my e-mail from the 23rd century.  I suppose a real life person could have the same name, but you’d think he would have been teased too much about his fictional counterpart to want to use his full name plus middle initial in this way.

Of course, the real message of the e-mail had nothing to do with Star Trek.  It turned out to be a standard spam/scam e-mail, along the lines of the old “Nigerian” prince scams, but it tried to give itself a kind of validity by  claiming to be from a US Army captain in Afghanistan, who wished to send me $10,500,000.  All he needed were my bank account details and personal phone number  😯 Now, being an Army wife, I do know a lot of servicemen who have served there, so many of the details of the sender’s “service” sounded particularly bogus.  For one thing,  the “captain” claimed he was using his “official” e-mail:  a G-mail account.  Soldiers have Army e-mail accounts that have nothing to do with Google.

Adding a final note of absurdity of the whole thing was the closing line, asking me not to respond to the official e-mail address, but to his “private” e-mail, instead — which just happened to be completely identical to his so-called official one.

Sounds to me like this particular spammer is just a little bit confused… 😉


Crazy month in real life, and it was reflected in my lack of progress in my goals.  Here’s hoping the worst is over.

Resolutions #1, 3, 5, &7: Keep this blog updated.

Progress report:  I talked about this in my last post, one of only 2 I did all month.  As always, blogging remains my lowest priority, especially when my time/energy is limited.  Changing that has been hard.  It’s a mental shift that my mind just doesn’t seem to want to take.

Resolution #2:  Finally finish editing my NaNoWriMo novel from 2008

Progress report:  After working on first chapter revisions last month, I decided to cut it completely.  The second chapter was the original first chapter when I posted it for some feedback on Absolute Write years ago.  Most of the feedback said it didn’t fit the genre (fantasy romance) I thought I was writing.  I added the new first chapter to try to resolve that, but it turns out it was just back story.  I think I’ve finally made peace with the fact that this is more like a straight fantasy novel with “romantic elements,” and am no longer trying to force it to be something it isn’t, and revising has become a lot easier with that in mind.

I’ve also cut one flashback scene, and another scene is currently on the chopping block.  The manuscript is now down to 110,000 words, but I have a few new sections that have to be written out, to fill in a couple of plot holes, so we’ll see what happens.  Part of me fears that this monster will grow even larger than it was when I first started editing.

Resolution #4:  Finish the first draft of my NaNoWriMo novel from 2011

Progress report: It’s still sitting on the side as I work on revising some of my other manuscripts.  Haven’t even done a read-through yet.

Resolution #6: Receive one rejection slip (print or e-mail) every other month, for a total of 6 for the year.

Progress report: Still waiting on a response from my flash fiction piece.  Keeping my fingers crossed, though I know it’s a long shot.  Also, I have a good idea of how to revise that problem novella I talked about in previous “progress reports,” and hope to have it sent out by the end of the month.  I also have 2 other short novels/novellas near 1st draft completion, and hope to have at least one of them ready to send out by the end of the year.

Overall, I think of July as the month I’d prefer to forget.  Hope everyone had a better month than I did, and here’s looking forward to August!