I came across this writing prompt from Ermilla.  A photo is posted on their blog, and readers are encouraged to write a story or poem based on the image.  I thought it would be an interesting challenge.  This is going to be my first attempt at an online writing prompt, so hopefully I do this correctly.  I have to admit, I’m a little nervous to see what you think of my attempt below.


“Don’t.  Don’t bother.”  Tears slid down the bride’s face as she snapped her phone shut and stepped down from the pedestal, excess fabric tangling around her legs.  Trapping her in tulle.  “This doesn’t matter any more.”

The tape measure slipped from the seamstress’ fingers, coiling into useless loops on the showroom floor. She watched the bride disappear into the dressing room, only to emerge moments later.  Long thin red marks marred her arms, tracings left behind by the pins that had marked the first of many alterations.

She looked like an ordinary woman, out of the gown.  No longer the white lace entity that made up a little girl’s wedding dreams.  She held up the ring that had circled her finger, drew her arm back as though she meant to hurl it away.  Far away.  Then something in her face changed again, and she tucked it into the pocket of her jeans.  Her silent entourage followed her out of the shop: mother and sister and friends.

The seamstress turned to the dressing room, and found the discarded gown crumpled on the floor.  She placed it on a hanger, removed the pins, and smoothed away the creases.  She tucked it away, to be pressed and cleaned before being offered up to another bride, another dreamer.

It swayed on the rack.  Alone.