I’d think the builder who sold us our house is out to get us! 😉 I can laugh about most of it now, but it’s been quite a crazy ride these last few weeks.

First, they decided to build houses on some of the empty lots in our development, including the one right next door to ours.  Which isn’t too bad, except our view from the front porch now includes this:

Who doesn’t love seeing a port-a-potty the moment you step outside your front door?

Then we found out that the builder advertised this identical house to ours, on an identical lot to ours, for $20, 000 less than what we paid them a little over a year ago.  They’ve since removed the fliers they had with that number on it — only to replace it with a giant sign outside the development, which now advertises houses starting at prices $40,000 less than what we paid.

I know, I know.  It could be much worse.  At least we have a house, and we’re not in the same situation as a good friend of mine, who has a condo in California that is worth less than half of the amount they paid for it a few years ago.  Or rather, I should say, the amount they took out as their mortgage.

Then, while digging out the culvert beneath the soon-to-be driveway, they cut our DSL line, and this was no shallow, barely covered line.  They had to dig really deep to do this.  That meant no internet.  For nearly a week.  My day job depends on internet access, so I spent a lot of time going out to places with free wi-fi in order to keep up with what I needed to get done.  It also means that I’ve fallen even further behind on blogging…

Oh, and our internet company still hasn’t buried our new DSL line.  It’s draped along the border of our front yard, and they actually threaded part of the line through our fence:

Not sure why they did it this way.  They’ll have to disconnect us when it comes time to finally bury the line again.  Not looking forward to that.

Finally, there were the nails.  Specifically, the roofing nails that they apparently dropped on the road.  The nails that ended up in the tire of our car.  It went flat, but fortunately, without causing an accident.  But it did make my husband miss an event he was supposed to attend for work.  Oh, and for all of those lovely motorists who were laughing at a soldier, in full dress uniform, struggling to repair a tire on his car? I have only one thing to say: Pffft! 🙄

All that being said, it hasn’t been too bad living next to a construction zone.  They’re certainly the quietest construction site I’ve ever encountered.  And all of the comings-and-goings of all the strangers around “his” territory has certainly kept our dog entertained!