One of my very best and oldest friends is pregnant.  Due in September.  I must admit, it feels a little odd to me.   She and I were the last of all of my close friends to remain childless, even though both of us have been married for some time.  She was the one I could talk to without worrying that she would suddenly break into the strange language of play-dates and toddler-speak.

Not anymore.

Though she’s not due until September, I’m already having a hard time understanding some of her conversations.  Oh, it’s not the medical side of her pregnancy that’s a problem.  As the daughter of a nurse who spent several years working for a OB-GYN, then another several years working in a high-risk pregnancy ward in a hospital, I probably know more about pregnancy and childbirth than anyone who hasn’t experienced either of those things should know.

It’s when she starts talking about the new things she’s buying/thinking of buying for the baby — that’s where I get lost.  For example, the  other day, her Facebook status talked about her husband’s first foray into parenthood: mastering the Travel Boppy.

Huh? What in the world is a Travel Boppy? A little searching on Google brought this explanation: It’s a “Feeding and Infant Support Pillow” that is made for traveling.  Now, why couldn’t they just call it a pillow in the first place? 😉

If I’m this lost now, I’m scared to see how lost I’ll be after she actually has the baby.  Unless I’m finally lucky enough to join her in impending parenthood before then.

By the way, for anyone who is curious about what a Travel Boppy looks like, here’s the video posted on the company’s YouTube channel: