Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

I always wondered how much I could get done if I had unlimited time to write.  Would I be disciplined enough to actually work, or would I spend the day watching television and eating obscene amounts of chocolate?

Only one way to find out.

I cleared my schedule for my day off, and decided to spend the time working on writing — and blogging, since that’s part of the whole writers must participate in social media  thing that is, to me, more intimidating than writing itself.  Don’t believe me? I’m not just an introvert, I’m a full-blown internet hermit.  Oh, I like reading what everyone is saying on blogs and in forums, but participating? Saying something, even with the option to think ahead of time and not just blurt out the first embarrassing thing that comes to mind?  Not me.  I’m the lurker in the dark corners of social media, with a tendency to turn into a grouchy goblin if pushed to interact.  Or, you could say I have a tendency to act like this guy:

"Don't talk to me!"
Hawaiian Monk Seal, Photographed at the Waikiki Aquarium, March 2009

It was a day meant to push my limits, however, so I needed a plan.  I decided to start with my writing, rotating between my three current works-in-progress.  I could only move on to the next manuscript when I finished what would have been the normal word count goal for the day.  After going through the manuscripts, I would then move on to blogging.  Not just trying to write new posts, but focusing on interaction.  I had to do this for one solid hour before I could return to my works-in-progress.

This routine was to be repeated as necessary throughout the day, from the time I woke up, until I either fell asleep or the clock struck  midnight.  The only breaks were physically necessary ones, like meals, or taking care of my dog.  Not even writing can compete with this face:

I surprised myself with how much I managed to get done.  Between the three manuscripts, I wrote a total of 2326 words(according to my writing software’s word count.)  On other days, I’m lucky if I add 300 words to just one of those manuscripts.

As far as blogging? I wrote a couple of partial drafts of posts, but I decided to spend the bulk of my time working on the “social” side.  I’ll admit I didn’t comment nearly as much as I probably could have, on posts, because I had a tendency to get distracted by reading the next post on the blog, and the next…  I did mention I was a lurker, didn’t I? I did find several new blogs to follow, many of which I found in the blog roll on The Write Transition.  What can I say? I think she has great taste.

I’m pretty pleased with how the day turned out, and I’m looking forward to scheduling another one like it ASAP.   Though I didn’t reach all my goals for the day, especially in blogging, I think it deserves a little celebration:

Photo taken July 4, 2009
Highlands, North Carolina, USA