March seemed to be a month of one step forward, two steps back when it came to writing for me.  Here’s how the month turned out:

Resolutions #1, 3, 5, &7: Keep this blog updated.

Progress report:  Blogged a total of 5 times in March.  WordPress shows only 4 posts for March, but I’m in a different time zone from whatever the default setting is, currently.  It was still March 31 in my time zone when I published my last post.  So depending on how you look at it, I either matched, or just barely fell short of, the number of blog postings I completed in February.

Resolution #2:  Finally finish editing my NaNoWriMo novel from 2008

Progress report: I did finish editing the parts of the manuscript that I had in my computer before March began.  But as I mentioned in the last progress report, I have a few missing scenes that need to be written from scratch.  I hope to have this done by the middle of April.

Resolution #4:  Finish the first draft of my NaNoWriMo novel from 2011

Progress report: Fell behind here.  I’m now at 33, 386 words, which means I added just 3480 words.  About a thousand words less than last month.

Resolution #6: Receive one rejection slip (print or e-mail) every other month, for a total of 6 for the year.

Progress report: As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve encountered a major plot hole in the novella I had planned to submit.  Currently, I don’t have anything else that is even close to the submission stage.  Not quite sure what I’m going to do next on this resolution.

One interesting side note: I did start another novella.  So I’m actively writing in 3 projects right now.  Definitely keeping busy, but am I making any real progress? Hard to tell.  Here’s hoping that I can get back on track for April.