On March 9th, the day that the massive solar flare was due to hit earth, my husband’s Facebook feed blew up with people posting photos of brooms standing up “all by themselves.” Apparently one of the major theories going around at the time was that the solar flare was altering the earth’s magnetic field, thus, brooms could stand on their bristles without apparent support.  Well, this photo was taken today (although in all fairness, a couple of new flares were reported last night, though those were of the lowest level on the recorded scale):

According to snopes.com this is an urban legend that was originally associated with the equinox.  That brooms — and eggs — would stand on end with “the right amount of gravitational pull.”   But this isn’t true.  It has more to do with finding the center of gravity on the broom or egg, and is something that can be done at any time of the year.

No matter what the reasons behind the “standing broom,” I wonder what those who were freaking out over the “phenomenon” would think if they had happened to walk outside that night and see this:

This is a photo I took of the full moon on the 9th, from my backyard in Eastern Alabama, USA.  And yes, this was the actual color of the moon.  No filters or other photo color changes were applied to this image.  Looks like a practice run for Halloween, doesn’t it?