Just goes to show much I neglected this blog — I started writing this post in July 2011, and I never posted about my NaNoWriMo win in 2010! I just barely squeaked past the finish line with 50, 007 words.  Yup, just 7 words over the amount needed for a win, validated 11 minutes from the deadline.  What can I say, I think I work best under pressure.

So, one of the prizes for finishing NaNo was a code that would allow me to get a free “proof” copy of my novel through Createspace.com.   A proof copy is the manuscript printed out in book form, normally used for proofreading before sending the final version to be printed for distribution.

I’ll admit, I did have a hard time finishing the edits to make my manuscript somewhat decent enough to be used for the prize.  And like the writing itself, the editing was completed at the last moment.  I think I finished it about a week before the promotional code I was given expired.  Chose a very generic cover and didn’t bother to write up any back copy, since I thought this proof would be the closest to print I would ever want this story to be.  And yes, I did blur out my name in this photo:

Funny thing about this proof copy: Holding it in my hand, it was easy for me to forget most of the uncertainties I had about the story and upgrade it from “never seeing the light of day,” to “it might be worth editing to see if it can be saved.”   I know I’m always my own worst critic, but something about the format definitely brings the confidence up .

Even if I know it isn’t real.