Only 29 more days and nights of insanity to go. I finished with just over 2300 today, even though a lot of it didn’t come easy. I found out just how competitive I really am, though, as the “word wars” on the forums really helped me get my count up today.

I also learned 2 things about my story. One, is that I really, really hate one of my point of view characters. As in, I can’t stand the personality she’s beginning to show on the page. I don’t like writing “in her voice,” but she’s the only one who can be the point of view in some parts of the story. My only consolation right now is that I have a pretty… bad ending planned for her. One I think she would consider a fate worse than death.

The second thing I learned today is that another character that I was sure I wouldn’t like — everything I thought of him before I started writing made me think he would be vain, self-centered, and kind of whiny. He actually is vain and self-centered, but he’s developing a rather wry sense of humor, which I’m actually enjoying.

Can’t wait to see what will happen next! Here’s hoping I’ll write 2500 words on day 2, or even better make it to the 5,000 word mark. A girl can dream about these things, can’t she?